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Broad Scope:

Our staff benefit from being exposed to a broad range of technologies and market applications. This enables the following enhancements in the technology intelligence analysis:

•  The project leader is able to cross-fertilize from one industry to another. E.g., technological communalities are identified and solutions found in other end use industries can be applied to the client situation.

•  Similarly a broad scope exposure to a variety of end use industries and market application can be leveraged. With this exposure we can create value for our clients searching for new markets and business development opportunities.

•  Ideas and hypothesis can quickly be developed on new projects by drawing on the individual project leader’s past experience and that of the company as a whole. Project leaders not in charge also contribute on a new project.

•  Our staff is quickly able to locate information sources, such as technology developers, suppliers, universities, competitors and narrow industry experts, whom we subsequently interview and sometimes meet.

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