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Baverstam's Mission Statement:

We provide technology intelligence and technology innovation services to global manufacturing corporations of end use products.

For producers of components, materials, chemicals and other process industries we also offer technology driven business-to-business market intelligence and analysis services.

Why work with Baverstam!

To be successful in today's demanding global business environment leading corporations need to look outside of their own organizations for new technology approaches and innovations for purposes of new product development and new business development. We engage in what we call External Innovation. We further interface between users and suppliers of technologies and take advantage of our broad experience and network. See our Newsletter Publication Menu. Our approach and services represent a substantial departure from our client's internal efforts and as well as from offerings of other consulting firms.

Baverstam Associates' main consulting areas include the following:

  • Product Innovation and Development assistance
  • State-of-the-art Technology assessments
  • Manufacturing process innovation and analysis
  • Acquisition Searches and related services
  • Technology Driven New Business Development
  • Strategic Market Studies and Competitor Analysis

Baverstam was founded in 1990 in Boston. The European office in Geneva was established in the year 2000. Client references are available on a case-by-case basis. Our more recent clients are not listed on this webpage. For more details and examples of projects click here.

Geneva Corporate Innovation Forum or GCIF

In 2010 the first GCIF conference was organized, followed by a second conference in 2011. In 2015 we were offered the opportunity to partner with DuPont and hold our next conference in the DuPont Innovation Center outside of Geneva. More information on past and current GCIF Events are provided under the menu GCIF.

Baverstam in the press:

Dr. Baverstam was in 2011 interviewed by a Swiss based magazine for Business leaders in Europe. The interview led to an article written by the Swiss Style Magazine in English connecting the dots between aspects of the services and activities of Baverstam Associates. The article can be found here. It also ties in the philosophy of the GCIF conference series with our consulting services.

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